You hate the way your website looks and feel like you're NEVER going to make money from your blog.

You dream of becoming a full-time blogger and using your skills and passion to make an impact and an income online.


Profit From Your Passion is the ecourse and group coaching program that takes new bloggers from dazed-and-confused to poised-and-profitable in as little as 12 weeks.


By infusing exceptional blogging strategies with metaphysical magic,
Profit From Your Passion sets bloggers on a skyrocketing path to success and abundance.


After completing this program...

◦ You have hundreds of engaged, loyal subscribers who are ready and willing to buy from you
◦ Every blog post you publish receives dozens of comments and hundreds of shares on social media

◦ Money is deposited into your bank account every week from your happy clients and customers
◦ Your friends and family turn to YOU for advice on how to start, grow, and monetize their blogs

And you buy that pair of shoes or handbag you've been eyeing up, and you don't feel guilty in the slightest. Because hey, you EARNED it!

Because of this program, my blog design is 100 times better and my email list went from 9 subscribers to over 850 subscribers. If you’re lingering on the edge of signing up, dive in! It’s the best decision you will make!
I not only got my blog to a place where I know I can start monetizing, but I received personal attention when I needed it and group support all throughout the program. Take the leap - you won’t be disappointed!
— Vickie



When you join Profit From Your Passion, you will:

◦ DIY a stunning website that attracts your ideal readers, customers, and clients (and save thousands of dollars on hiring a professional designer)
◦ Build an email list with hundreds of loyal fans who can’t WAIT to purchase your next product or service
◦ Save thousands of dollars on hiring a coach to teach you these strategies one-on-one


Just starting out and Looking for an option that is a bit lighter on your wallet?

Profit From Your Passion is closed for enrollment, and will re-open in Fall 2017.

After choosing your payment option Above, you will...

1. Create an account within my school or login if you already have an account.
2. Enter your payment details.
3. Receive immediate access to the course material.
4. Receive an email from me with the link to our mastermind group and a personal thank you message.

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you join
Profit From Your Passion:

Each module contains 4-6 video lessons along with workbooks, checklists, and swipe files to help you absorb and implement every last drop of the information. 


+ Module 1: Niche, Muse, & Message

◦ Hone in on your perfect, profitable blogging niche
◦ Demystify your ideal reader so you know exactly who to target and how to reach them
◦ Amplify your message in order to carve out space and stand out in the blogging world
◦ Craft an elevator pitch to summarize your mission and message

+ Module 2: Branding

◦ Select complementary fonts, colors, and imagery for your blog
◦ Identify and tap into your secret superpowers as a blogger
◦ Design a logo and favicon for readers to remember you by
◦ Create a Style Guide to summarize your beautiful, cohesive brand

+ Module 3: Blog Design

◦ Design a website your ideal readers fall in love with at first sight
◦ Learn the four key pages your site needs from the get-go, and what to put on each
◦ Perfect the flow, navigation, and user experience of your website

+ Module 4: Content

◦ Learn the 5 pillars of share-worthy content
◦ Properly format your blog posts for readability and flow
◦ Use my signature strategy to write epic blog posts in under 30 minutes
◦ Steal my 7 headline strategies for crafting click-worthy titles

+ Module 5: SEO

◦ Use a free SEO tool to find the perfect keywords for your content
◦ Learn the 7 key places to incorporate your keywords to boost SEO
◦ BONUS LESSON on guest posting to successfully network with other bloggers, establish your expertise, and send traffic back to your blog

+ Module 6: Email Lists

◦ Learn the 7 must-have elements for opt-in pages that convert
◦ Create a knockout freebie that grows your list like gangbusters
◦ Craft the perfect Welcome Series that establishes the “Sales Trifecta”
◦ Send epic broadcasts your subscribers can’t wait to receive
◦ BONUS SWIPE FILE with an example welcome series and 7 sample broadcasts

+ Module 7: Pinterest

◦ Skyrocket your traffic, email list, and income with Pinterest
◦ Put your growth on autopilot with my favorite tool, BoardBooster
◦ Use 6 key criteria to design eye-catching and click-worthy pins
◦ Optimize your website for maximum Pinterest sharing
◦ BONUS: 2,000 free pins with BoardBooster

+ Module 8: Social Media

◦ Use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to boost your traffic and online presence
◦ Learn the key differences between Facebook groups and pages, and which is right for you
◦ Nail your live videos on social media (and feel super confident doing them!)
◦ Set your Twitter and Facebook to run on autopilot with the nifty FREE tool I’ll show you

+ Module 9: Affiliate Marketing

◦ Follow my 5-step system to find and join the perfect affiliate programs
◦ Use my 10 pro strategies to make affiliate sales every single month
◦ Get a breakdown of all the “legal stuff” involved in affiliate marketing
◦ Use my affiliate spreadsheet to stay organized and never miss a promo opportunity

+ Module 10: Services

◦ Craft an epic "signature service" to secure consistent income online
◦ Book your very first client and turn that booking into a windfall of clients
◦ Get a rundown of all the tools you need to provide stellar and efficient services
◦ Create a Work With Me page that makes people say, “Take my money!”

+ Module 11: Brand Partnerships

◦ Learn how to collaborate with brands on sponsored blog content and social media posts
◦ Use 5 methods to stand out online and get noticed by your dream partners
◦ Follow my 7-step formula to create sponsored content that both the brand and your readers will love
◦ BONUS SWIPE FILE with a “pitch” email you can send to brands

+ Module 12: Writing Ebooks

◦ Follow my 8-step system to write your first ebook like a total pro
◦ Create a beautiful, easy-to-read design and format for your ebook
◦ Implement 10 promotion strategies to attract new customers and sell your ebook on autopilot

+ Module 13: Sell Your Stuff

BONUS! Explore three advanced strategies for making sales online:
◦ Host live webinars
◦ Write sales page copy that converts like crazy
◦ Create a sales funnel to sell your products and services on autopilot


Understanding the Law of Attraction: Manifesting 101

Learn how your thoughts shape your reality and discover the key to successfully manifesting everything you desire in your life.

7 Practices for Attracting Success and Abundance

Clear the mindset blocks that are stopping you from reaching your full potential, and implement 7 regular practices to manifest more money and success as a blogger.


Bonuses include...

↠  The Mastermind Group  ↞

Enjoy a lifetime membership in our private mastermind group, where you can connect and collaborate with me and the other students in Profit From Your Passion.

↠  The Tech Vault  ↞

In-depth, walk-through tutorials on all the tech tools you’ll need to set up, run, and automate your blog and social media accounts, including:

Adobe Illustrator
YouTube Live
and more!

↠  6 Group Coaching Calls  ↞

Participate in live coaching calls on the 15th and 30th of every month throughout July-September. No worrying that your questions will go unanswered!


Guest Expert Trainings

In these guest expert videos, I’ve rounded up the best-in-the-biz to teach you extra strategies for growing your community and making money online. Nothing has been left out (seriously, scroll down to see for yourself!)


With Sara Robinson

Turn your love of writing into a monthly paycheck by spotlighting as a writer on other blogs and websites.

with Amanda Creek

Learn how to take drool-worthy, on-brand snaps for your blog and social media accounts.


With McKinzie Bean


Learn the ins and outs of this scheduling and analytics tool to step up your Pinterest game and send more traffic back to your blog.


With Eden Fried


Guest post strategically to grow your traffic, increase your domain authority, and establish valuable relationships with your peers.

With Melissa Hebbe

Learn how to use your blog to support, grow, and make sales for your online business or brick-and-mortar shop.

Krista, coding expert.png

With Krista Rae

Learn the basics of code and how to tweak your website's design and layout with this fabulous and beginner-friendly training.

with Meera Kothand

Learn how to sell your services, ebooks, and affiliate products on autopilot by crafting a high-converting email sales funnel.


With Jackie Jade


Understand the legal stuff your blog needs: privacy policies, disclaimers, copyright information, and more!


With Brie Kirbyson


Explore 3 strategies for making money with your Instagram account, plus learn how to balance promotional and non-promotional photos in your feed.


With Shaylee Smith


Learn how to send campaigns, set up automated workflows, and organize your subscribers with this free email list platform. 

Just starting out and Looking for an option that is a bit lighter on your wallet?

Profit From Your Passion is closed for enrollment, and will re-open in Fall 2017.

This course is fundamental to envisioning, creating, growing and monetizing a successful blog. I keep going back to the modules; it’s a course that keeps on giving!
— Jane



You have internet access and a computer.

You can commit 2-3 hours per week to go over the course material and participate in the live calls.

You’re driven, motivated, and ready to pursue your passion and start making money online.


You need one-on-one coaching.

You don’t have a website. If not, click here for a quick and easy tutorial to get your site set up.

You’re already making thousands of dollars from your blog every month.


I’m Krista Dickson,
a Blog-Woo Mentor and the Creator of profit from your passion.

I provide coaching, online courses, and live masterclasses to help ladies like you achieve massive success with their blogs.


My Story

With over 10 years of blogging experience, I quit my day job at the beginning of 2016 to blog full-time. Because of the money I make from my blog, my partner was able to quit his job and we’re about to sail off into the sunset to travel around North America for the next 12 months!

Krista went out of her way to answer any and all questions and provided TONS of extra materials such as guest experts, tutorials and checklists. If I were you, I would sign up for this program NOW. Seriously, don’t wait. Invest in yourself - you won’t regret it!
— Ieva



Frequently Asked Questions

◦ How is the course material delivered?

Everything in the course is self-paced. You can complete 1 module per week, 2 modules per week, or finish the entire course in a month. It’s entirely up to you!
You'll have full access to the course from the minute you sign up, so you can literally get started TODAY!

◦ What happens during group coaching calls?

The group calls are my chance to answer your questions about the course material, share bonus tips, and encourage you to continue working through the modules and implementing everything you're learning.

◦ What is the Mastermind group like?

In our Mastermind, you’ll be able to connect with dozens of other bloggers who will help, encourage, and motivate you. You'll work together (with me leading the way!) to solve problems, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate on fun projects.

◦ Does it matter what platform my website is on (Blogger, SquareSpace, WordPress)?

Your blogging platform does not matter, as long as your website is self-hosted. I personally like the WordPress platform because of all the amazing plugins, but if you use a different blogging platform, that's absolutely fine.

Have a question that isn't answered here?
Message me at and I'll get back to you ASAP.

From helping you define your brand to teaching you how to sell your products online, Profit From Your Passion is packed with resources, updated information, and practical tools you’ll refer to over and over.
— Ceneida
Every blogger serious about monetizing needs to take this course.
— Megan


I believe 100% in the value of this program. If you’re unsatisfied with Profit From Your Passion in any way, you can request and receive a refund within 30 days of enrolling - no questions asked.