Between writing blog posts, taking Instagram photos, legalizing your blog, posting on social media, figuring out WHAT the heck an email list is and how to use it...

You're starting to feel like you're stuck on a hamster-wheel-from-hell that's spinning and spinning and SPINNING - with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Your blog has basically become a full-time job, but you're forced to cram #allthethings into a few hours a week.

You aren't ready to give up on your blog just yet. But girlfriend - something's gotta give.

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I created Profit From Your Passion because I've BEEN in your pretty little shoes.


I remember what it's like to dream of turning your blog into a full-time job, but to only have a few hours a week to devote to it.

And at the same time, not know WHAT you should spend those few hours on in order to grow.

While reading #allthefreeblogposts to try and unpuzzle this whole "blogging for money" thing.

And testing every new strategy you hear about, hoping *this* will be the one that skyrockets you to success (but always getting dismal results. Le sigh).

I have great news for you, babe:

Blogging doesn't have to feel like brain surgery. 

In fact, when you have a replicable blueprint for success, it can be downright easy (not to mention fun!)



Oh hey there! It's me, Krista.

And today it's my greatest pleasure to invite you to join me inside my signature program for bloggers,

Profit From Your Passion™.

(cue confetti-throwing and champagne-bottle-poppin'!)

Is PFYP right for you?

Well, let me ask you a quick question...


What if you approached your blog like the CEO of a business?

What if, instead of frantically trying to cross a million and one things off your to-do list every day, you were cool-as-a-cucumber because you had a game plan for what to focus on and how to be successful at it?

That's where Profit From Your Passion™ comes into play.

PFYP gives you the tools, trainings, and mindset upgrade you need to biz-ify your blog and turn it into a sustainable source of income for years to come. No more overwhelm, no more endless to-do lists, and no more blogging from a (sad and lonely) island.


When you join PFYP, you will...

+ Follow a tested-and-true 12-step framework for building a successful and profitable blog

+ Say "goodbye" to tech headaches and use the most powerful tools to grow your blog (spoiler alert: most are free!)

+ Join a built-in support system of ambitious women who are ready to make BIG things happen with their blogs - just like you!

+ Create a work-from-home career that actually has you EXCITED to wake up and head into your office every morning



I started blogging with zero knowledge of computers and was able to come out on top so quickly because I enrolled in Profit from your Passion. Because of this course, my blog design is 100 times better and my email list went from 9 subscribers to over 850 subscribers. If you’re lingering on the edge of signing up, dive in! It’s the best decision you will make.
— Holly from Australia, Parenting & Montessori Blogger
I not only got my blog to a place where I know I can start monetizing, but I received personal attention when I needed it and group support all throughout the program. Take the leap - you won’t be disappointed!
— Vickie from Canada, Self-Care for Moms Blogger
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Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 1.47.04 PM.png

Here’s how the Profit From Your Passion™ ecourse shakes out.

PFYP mockup.png

+ Module 1. Your Niche, Muse, & Message

You wouldn’t build a house on a crumbling foundation, and building your blog is no different. Module 1 helps you identify your target market, ideal readers, and big-picture message so you can carve out space in a crowded blogging world. You’ll finish off the module by crafting an elevator pitch that knocks-the-socks off potential partners in less than 30 seconds (oh, and it will also help with that, “So what are you doing these days?” question that’s sure to come up at the holiday parties).

+ Module 2. Build a Memorable Personal Brand

One of the secrets to a successful and profitable blog is having a crush-on-worthy personal brand. And that’s what Module 2 is all about! You’ll select fonts, colors, and imagery for your blog, tap into your secret superpowers as a blogger, and create a drool-worthy Style Guide to sum up your gorgeous new brand.

+ Module 3. Design a Beautiful and User-Friendly Website

Module 3 is about building a website that’s both easy on the eyes AND easy for your readers to use. You’ll learn the 4 key pages your blog needs to have and exactly what to put on each, how to perfect the flow and navigation of your website, and how to create a design that has your readers heart-eyes-emoji at the very first sight.

+ Module 4. Create Crave-Worthy Content

You’ve heard it before but I’m gonna say it again: Content is KING. But how do you keep your readers coming back for more (not to mention consistently sharing, commenting, and engaging with your posts)? In Module 4, you’ll start off with a crash course in the 5 pillars of share-worthy content, then you’ll use my signature strategy to craft epic content in under 30 minutes, and finally, you’ll steal my 7 headlines hacks for ultra-click-worthy titles.

+ Module 5. SEO and Guest Posting

Module 5 is an in-depth look at search engine optimization and guest posting, two magical strategies that have the potential to boost your blog traffic exponentially. You’ll use a free tool to track down the most popular keywords in your niche, learn the 7 must-place spots for your SEO keywords, and follow a step-by-step guide for networking, establishing your expertise, and boosting your domain authority with strategic guest posting.

+ Module 6. Email List-Building Like a Boss

Your email list is your heartbeat as a blogger. With 6 in-depth lessons, you’ll craft a failproof strategy for growing your email list with opt-in freebies, design high-converting landing pages people can’t say no to, establish my “Sales Trifecta” with your warm-’em-up welcome series, and access a swipe file with the 7 types of broadcasts you should be sending to your list. It’s meaty, it’s juicy, and it’s delicious.

+ Module 7. Pin Like a Pro

Traffic every single day on autopilot? Yes please! Module 7 is your ticket to an endlessly effective Pinterest strategy that generates pageviews, email list growth, and income for you and your blog. You’ll learn the 6 criteria for click-worthy pins, optimize your blog for Pinterest sharing, and use BoardBooster to put your growth on auto (seriously, zero minutes per day required!)

+ Module 8. Social Media for the Busy Gal

This module is about the OTHER three major social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And because I know you don’t have hours every week to spend on these platforms, we’re focusing on systems, schedulers, and strategies that don’t take much time BUT have a big impact on your growth. To top off the module, we have a fun live-esque video all about - you guessed it - live video!

+ Module 9. Affiliate Marketing Secret Strategies

Affiliate marketing might seem hella confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. In Module 9, you’ll follow my simple 5-step system to find and join the perfect affiliate programs in your niche, use my 10 secret strategies to make affiliate sales every single month - just rinse and repeat! - and get a crash course in all the “legal stuff” (very technical terms here) involved in affiliate marketing, so you always stay on the right side of the law.

+ Module 10. Offer Services Through Your Blog

Services are my favorite way to make money as a new blogger. Why? Because you don’t need any traffic to get started! All you need is a little ambition (which I know you have in spades). In Module 10, you’ll craft a signature service that gets people talking - and gets YOU noticed and booked out - plus get a rundown of all the tools you need to seamlessly offer services online, and create a Work With Me page that has your dreamboat clients saying, “Yes please, take my money!”

+ Module 11. Partner With Brands on Sponsored Content

Ever dreamed of getting PAID to talk about amazing products on your blog or Instagram account? This module’s for you! You’ll learn my 5 foolproof methods for getting noticed by your dream partners (in a totally non-sleazy and non-desperate way), create sponsored content that both the brand AND your readers absolutely love, and access a swipe file with sample pitches you can send to brands you want to partner up with. Easy as lemon meringue!

+ Module 12. Write Ebooks for Passive Income

Ebooks are an amazing way to make money as a blogger. They don’t take ages to put together, and your readers are happy to whip out their wallets because the books are so affordable. Module 12 has everything you need to create and sell your first successful ebook - totally from scratch. From writing the book to designing it to choosing a selling platform and finding customers, your ebook will be flying off the virtual shelves in no time.

+ BONUS Module 13. How to Sell Your Stuff Online

In this bonus module, you’ll learn how to seamlessly sell your products and services online - no sleazy sales tactics or soul-selling required. This module includes a crash course in high-converting sales funnels, writing epic sales pages, and hosting live webinars to promote and sell your stuff (that is, anything you’ve created thus far in the course!) in an easy, fun, and replicable way.

Each module contains 4-6 video lessons along with workbooks, checklists, and swipe files to help you absorb and implement every last drop of information.

Bonuses, baby!

Because I love giving you stuff to help you succeed,
when you join Profit From Your Passion™ today you'll also receive...

Bonus #1

 The Mastermind

To truly succeed with your blog, you'll need a community to share your thoughts and ideas with.

When you join PFYP, you'll enjoy a free membership in our private mastermind group. This is the place to connect and collaborate with your fellow students, share your latest blog post or offering, and pick MY brain about all things blogging and business.


Valued at $1,375

Bonus #2

The Tech Vault

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 5.33.17 PM.png

Let's face it, blog post tutorials will only get you so far when it comes to tech. That's why I created the Tech Vault - to help you learn the ins and outs of the most powerful blogging tools, so you can avoid tech hang-ups and continue moving forward with your goals.

The Tech Vault includes 11
walk-through tutorials on tools like...


Adobe Illustrator
YouTube Live


+ more!

Valued at $995

Bonus #3

11 Guest Experts

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 5.34.39 PM.png

I know a LOT about blogging and being successful online, but of course, I don't know everything. This is why I've brought in 11 fantastic guest experts to train you up on topics like...

Freelance writing
Making money with Instagram
Legalizing your blog
HTML & CSS Coding
Sales funnels


Valued at $675


Total Value of ALL Bonuses: $3,045


Meet Our Eleven Guest Experts & See What You'll Be Learning From Them!


With Sara Robinson

Turn your love of writing into a monthly paycheck by spotlighting as a freelance writer on other blogs and websites.

with Amanda Creek

Take drool-worthy, on-brand snaps for your blog and social media accounts with Amanda's guest expert training.


With McKinzie Bean


Learn the ins and outs of this Pinterest scheduling & analytics tool and use it to send more traffic back to your blog.


With Eden Fried


Guest post strategically to increase your traffic, improve your domain authority, and establish valuable relationships with your blogging peers.

With Melissa Hebbe

Melissa will show you how to use your blog to support, grow, and make sales for your online business or brick-and-mortar shop.

Krista, coding expert.png

With Krista Rae

Learn the basics of coding and how to tweak your website's design and layout with this beginner-friendly training.

with Meera Kothand

Sell your services, ebooks, and affiliate products on autopilot by crafting a high-converting sales funnel.


With Jackie Jade


Understand aaaaall the legal stuff your blog needs: privacy policies, disclaimers, copyright information, and more!


With Brie Kirbyson


Explore 3 strategies for making money with your Instagram account, plus learn how to balance promotional and non-promotional photos in your feed.


With Shaylee Smith


Learn how to send campaigns, set up automated workflows, and organize your subscribers with the free MailerLite platform. 

cath content bug.png

google search console with cath manning

Follow along as Cath shows you how to add your site to Google Search Console, upload your robots.txt file, and send your XML sitemaps to Google.


is pfyp right for me?


This course was handmade for you if...

+ You're ready to bid "adieu" to overwhelm and follow a step-by-step profit plan that WORKS
+ You've tried a million and one *free* things and the results have been severely underwhelming
+ You're fed up of working at a day job where you take orders (and a measly paycheck) from someone else
+ You want to build a blog that fills up your soul AND your bank account (can I get an amen?!)
+ You're incredibly passionate about helping others in the area that you blog about
+ You're not someone who purchases an ecourse and then lets it sit there collecting dust

Oh, and you're ready to G.S.D. and make BIG things happen with your blog (my kinda gal).



Although this course & bonuses are valued at over $3,500, I want to give you the opportunity to get started today for one payment of $497 CAD.

For the most flexible option, you can also enroll for two monthly payments of $275 CAD.


Choose your preferred payment plan by clicking one of the green buttons below:

Two payments of $275 CAD
(Roughly $220 USD x 2 months)

Includes immediate access to:

13 ecourse modules with over 80 videos

11 guest expert trainings

11 tech vault tutorials

The private Facebook mastermind group

Workbooks, templates, swipe files, + more


One payment of $497 CAD
(Roughly $397 USD)

Includes immediate access to:

13 ecourse modules with over 80 videos

11 guest expert trainings

11 tech vault tutorials

The private Facebook mastermind group

Workbooks, templates, swipe files, + more

*Savings of $53 CAD*


After clicking the button Above, you will...

1. Enter your payment details VIA PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARD in our secure checkout form.
2. Receive immediate access to the pfyp course and all of the bonuses.
3. join OUR mastermind group and say "hey" to all the other superstar students!

who created pfyp?



my drink of choice is a spiced RUM & COKE, i ALWAYS HAVE 2-3 BOOKS ON THE GO, AND i know the lyrics to just about every 90's pop song ever made.


Oh hey there! I'm Krista Dickson, a freedom-fuelled creative & the founder of Profit From Your Passion.

I combine my BA in Psychology and 10+ years of blogging experience to help you master overwhelm and follow a profit plan that WORKS. I just wrapped up a 3-month cross-Canada RV road trip, (boyfriend in tow), all funded by my blogging income. I have total faith that with my help, you can use your blog to make BIG things happen in your life, too!


A few snapshots from my adventures


Profit From Your Passion Success Stories
(from the ladies who make my life & JOB a dream)

Krista went out of her way to answer any and all questions and provided TONS of extra materials such as guest experts, tutorials and checklists. If I were you, I would sign up for this program NOW. Seriously, don’t wait. Invest in yourself - you won’t regret it!
— Ieva from New Hampshire, ESL Teacher Blogger
Jane t.png
This course is fundamental to envisioning, creating, growing, and monetizing a successful blog. It is arguably the only course you’ll ever need; an invaluable investment if you are serious about achieving success as a blogger and online entrepreneur. I keep going back to the modules; it’s a course that keeps on giving!
— Jane from New York, Travel & Style Blogger
From helping you define your brand to teaching you how to sell your products online, Profit From Your Passion is packed with resources, updated information, and practical tools you’ll refer to over and over again.
Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 2.22.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 2.23.51 PM.png
Krista created the positive and structured environment I needed to learn and grow my blogging business. She provided checklists, tools, and was always there to help keep me on track and avoid information overload. Krista and Profit From Your Passion have made a huge impact on my success. I am so happy to see how my blog has grown, and look forward to see what it will become as I continue to apply everything that Krista and Profit From Your Passion have taught me.
I’ve taken a few of Krista’s other courses, so when I heard that she was offering a new program, I didn’t even hesitate. Because of this course, my website has improved tenfold, and I now have access to the information and tutorials needed to accomplish anything I want moving forward. Every blogger serious about monetizing needs to take this course.
Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 2.25.57 PM.png

A's to your q's

Here are the top questions I receive about Profit From Your Passion™, all popped into one place for your perusing pleasure. Don't see your question listed here? Email me at and let's chat! 

How is the course material delivered? Do I have to wait for new modules to be released each week?

Nope! Profit From Your Passion is a completely self-paced course. You'll have access to all of the course material AND all of the bonuses from the minute you sign up - so you can literally get started TODAY. It's up to you if you'd like to complete one module per week, two modules per week, or finish the entire course in a month. Whatever works best for you!

How often is PFYP offered?

This is the VERY LAST TIME Profit From Your Passion will ever be offered. On November 3, the doors will close permanently, and this course will no longer be available.  

+ Is this course only for beginner bloggers?

Definitely not! While PFYP works well for beginners, it's also for intermediate-level bloggers (those who are not yet making a full-time income from their blog). PFYP was created to include everything you'll need to know to go from early stages to full-time blogger. Even if you *think* you know what I'll be teaching in the early modules, I guarantee you'll pick up a ton of tips, tricks, and new insights in the first few videos alone. I have a unique approach to blogging and business that you won't find in all the *free* content out there.

Does it matter which platform my website is on (Blogger, SquareSpace, WordPress, etc.)?

Any blogging platform is cool beans, as long as your website is self-hosted (meaning you own your website and domain name). I personally like the WordPress platform because of all the amazing plugins you can use, and I'm also a big fan of Squarespace.

What's the Mastermind group like?

Inside our Mastermind group, you’ll connect with myself and dozens of other bloggers who are in the exact same spot as you. You'll work together (with me leading the way) to solve problems, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate to grow your blog. Oh, and it also happens to be a TON of fun! 

+ What if I sign up but I'm not able to complete the course right away?

As soon as you sign up, you lock in lifetime access to all of the course material and bonuses. So even if you aren't able to get started until next month - or even until 2018! - PFYP will be there waiting for you. Keep in mind this is the last time this course will ever be open for enrollment. So if you want to take PFYP, either now or at some point in the future, NOW is the time to sign up. Enrollment closes on Friday, November 3 at 9pm Eastern.

PFYP works for bloggers of all sizes, niches, and walks of life.

Here are some of the *many* topics my students have blogged about:


+ ESL Teaching
+ Fashion & Style
+ Self-care
+ Accessible travel
+ Holistic wellness
+ Art
+ Direct sales
+ Health & Nutrition
+ Full-time RVing
+ Writing


+ Travel
+ Food
+ Montessori
+ Adult coloring
+ Parenting
+ Pinterest
+ Blogging and B2B
+ Homeschooling
+ Hiking
+ Wedding calligraphy

I can confidently say this course will work for your niche, too!


My 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you take Profit From Your Passion for a spin for 30 days, and for some crazy reason do *not* see results for your blog, you can request and receive a full refund within the first 30 days after enrolling.

Please note that this is not a "buyer's remorse" policy. If you request a refund, I will ask for proof that you've put in the work and completed at least the first four modules in the course.

If you're not sure whether Profit From Your Passion is the right fit for you, please reach out to me at with your questions before enrolling. Thank you!


it's now or never, babe.

PFYP enrollment closes on November 3rd at 9pm ET.

After that, this course disappears into the digital archives forever.

Are you ready to create your dreamy, work-from-home, be-your-own-boss blogging career?


Choose your preferred payment plan & let's get to it!